Top 10 Downloads from ARGTHN

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Top 10 downloads from A Reasonable Guide To Horrible Noise in '08 were:
1. THRASHER • Burning At The Speed Of Light: This record sucks but for some reason it's hella popular
2. DAMIEN THORNE • The Sign Of The Jackal: this one is kinda surprising too, but at least it's a good record
3. SODOM • Obsessed By Cruelty: No surprise at all... this album rules!
4. BAPHOMET • Morbid Realities Demo: Fully support the heavy downloading of this Western New York gem
5. SYPHILITIC VAGINAS • Syphilitic Vaginas: Great shit!
6. CONFESSOR • Uncontrolled/Collapse Demos: Jaw droppingly good
7. OLIVER MAGNUM • Oliver Magnum: One of my old-tyme faves
8. SUDDEN DEATH • All Or Nothing: Cool RUNNING WILD wannabes
9. SAINT VITUS • The Walking Dead: Classic Doom doesn't get any better
10. WITCH CROSS • Fit For Fight: Definitely one of my best finds this year. This record is A number 1
I realize that this is a completely pointless list, cuz some records have been up for longer than others, but WTF... it's the end of the year, and what would it be without meaningless compilations of useless information?