PITTBULL • Pittbull LP

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nemesis Records 1991
Detroit's PITTBULL play NY inpsired Hardcore/Metal that's heavily influenced by the CRO-MAGS, REST IN PIECES, KILLING TIME et al. and as a result winds up sounding a lot like Buffalo's ZERO TOLERANCE. Similar influences = similar sound, but PITTBULL are slightly more Punk and less Metal than ZT, at times even reminding me of BLACK FLAG. Pretty damn good record! The mile a minute vocal workout of "You Deserve Worse" is excellent, as is "Burn", but "Cold Grin" (a take on "Cold Gin"?) is the standout for me. It's the most intricate and Metal track on the record (main riff is pure HM... almost PRIEST-ish) and kinda discordant too. Unlike most NYHC, PITTBULL don't come across as being overly macho/testosterone driven which is a definite plus in my books. If NYHC is your thing, then you're pretty much guaranteed to dig this record.
DOWNLOAD: Pittbull-Pittbull.rar (52.72 MB)


luciferyellow said...

Hey thanks. I'm downloading this right now, but I remember this album very well (I think...). I ate up everything that came out on Nemesis at that time is this was slightly harder than their usual stuff. And I think y copy was on red vinyl, which was cool of course... Guess I'll have to check out Zero Tolerance, too, then. Cheers.

Krob said...

I actually played guitar for a briefly reformed PITTBULL a few years back, around 2006. We opened for Hatebreed, Murphy's Law, Negative Approach, etc... and tried writing and demoing a couple of new songs. But weirdness between the original band members made continuing impossible. Sadly, the drummer recently committed suicide. RIP Joey Starr. I was a fan of he band in the early 90s and saw them a few times, including once opening for Slap Shot.