OLIVER MAGNUM • Oliver Magnum CD

Monday, June 9, 2008

Restless/Colossal Records 1989
I wasn't planning to post any CDs here, but I started thinking about how much I loved this record when I was a kid, and I had to revisit it. These guys, along with SAVATAGE and MERCYFUL FATE, were one of the few straight up Metal bands I liked when I was younger... I was too into Thrash and Punk/Hardcore to really "get" Heavy Metal. OLIVER MAGNUM, however, were aggressive enough to appeal to me... and their spectacular musicianship and songwriting didn't hurt either. Another part of their appeal was that I never had any idea what the eff they were singing about... the lyrics all seemed to be about some otherworldy nonsense that was way beyond me, but I always liked 'em a lot. Add to all that an outstanding vocalist and you've got the whole package. "Old World Nites" is still one hell of a song!, as are "Sister Cybele" and "Mendes Prey", but there really is no weak song on this album. I waited for a long time for a followed up to this record, but unfortunately it never happened. This is American Metal of the highest order, and downloading is highly recommended.
DOWNLOAD: OliverMagnum-OliverMagnum.rar (72.62 MB)


VimFuego said...

sweet. i hope i still like this. after my recent month long Savatage feast, i'm prob in the right head space. lame cover.

Alcolm X said...

Yeah the cover is totally ghey.

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

This has been kicking my ass for days now. Thanks for the up!

Eddiemetal said...

I had this on cassette back when it first came out. I remember buying this, Realm "Suiciety", Destruction "Cracked Brain" and Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" the same day. I gott this 'cause I heard a song of theirs on a Metal Massacre album that came out at that time and I loved it! I think they had a different vocalist on the MM album, though. Anyways, thanks for sharing this CD version. Been looking a long time for this!