Top 3 of 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I was gonna try to come up with a Top 10 records of '08 list, but I could only come up with 3... hahaha! That's pretty damn sad, but here it is: my Top 3 of '08 list.

Rise Above Records
Mammoth momentous Metal crushing everything in it's path. Not only the best record of the year, but the best record I've heard in years. This is REAL METAL!
SYPHILITIC VAGINAS • Complete Studio Collection
Rescued From Life Records
Loved these guys right from jump street, and this CD has it all... all their LPs, 7"s, splits, cassettes, etc. etc. You can't go wrong. Throw BATHORY, G.I.S.M., MOTORHEAD, and BULLDOZER in a blender, and you'd be getting close to the insanity of SV.
ENFORCER • Into The Night
Heavy Artillery Records
Top notch Speed Metal with piercing air raid siren vocals. If these Swedes don't get yer heart pumpin' you might need a defibrillator.


VimFuego said...

i think you need to give Motorizer a chance. wall of noise balls out rocknroll!

Alcolm X said...

Really? You mean it doesn't sound exactly like their last 8 albums!?!

Alcolm X said...

Just got the new Darkthrone record... I'm only 5 songs in, but it's so damn good I'll have to add it to the list.