CELTIC FROST • July 4, 1986 Toronto, Canada

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bootleg 1986
So the DESTRUCTION bootleg spawned some comments re: CELTIC FROST at the World War III festival... unfortunately I don't have a copy of that, but I do have this, from a year later, when FROST toured in support of the To Mega Therion record. I didn't record this, but I was there, and had my puny teenage mind sufficiently blown! It was my first Metal show: CELTIC FROST, VOIVOD, and SLAUGHTER... it couldn't get any better! SLAUGHTER actually scared me, VOIVOD were beyond phenomenal, and you can hear CELTIC FROST for yourself. The quality is shit, and if it hadn't been requested I wouldn'ta posted this... but it was, so I am. For the diehards!
DOWNLOAD: CelticFrost-July4-1986.rar (92.5 MB)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Old Thrash Records 2010
I couldn't resist buying this record even though I knew it was gonna blow. Who gives a shit though... it's DESTRUCTION at World War III! Hadta have it! The WWIII festival is one of those fabled shows that I'da given my left nut to see. In November 1985 not only DESTRUCTION, but VOIVOD, POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST, and NASTY SAVAGE all descended upon Montreal's Paladium for one of the best line-ups ever! Anyways, I kinda remember a videotape of this floating around, and I'm certain that said videotape is the source material for this boot. Of course it sounds like total ass, but it's cool as shit, and is infinitely better than the SODOM boot I posted way back. After a couple of songs the guitar becomes audible so at least you can decipher what the fuck is going on. If you don't download this, you know the punishment... death, death, DEATH!
DOWNLOAD: Destruction-WorldWar3.rar (66.47 MB)