Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eastern Front/Restless Records 1986
An absolute stone cold classic here! Live At Ruthie's Inn is chock fulla some of Thrash Metal and Hardcore's finest, live and in their nascent prime. The first record is live from the Eastern Front (which I'm assuming was some sorta festival held at Ruthie's in '85) and includes VIOLENCE, LAAZ ROCKIT, DRI, RAW POWER, HEXX, FORBIDDEN EVIL, and a slew of others. The quality is uneven and raw, a fact that only helps to convey the unbridled energy of the era. To further document the Bay Area scene at the time, the second record features cracking demo tracks from DEATH ANGEL, BLIND ILLUSION, SACRILEGE (pre-BC), HEATHEN, RUFFIANS, LEGACY, and a shitload more! I'm not gonna bother breaking down each track as I'm sure it's not necessary... you know that every one of the aforementioned bands rule, and that you oughta download this tout de suite!
DOWNLOAD Pt. 1: LiveAtRuthiesInn-Disc1.rar (79.87 MB)
DOWNLOAD Pt. 2: LiveAtRuthiesInn-Disc2.rar (75.4 MB)

MARTYR • For The Universe LP

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Megaton Records 1985
I've said it before, and I'm sayin' it again, the Dutch new some shit about Metal back in the day, and you need look no further than MARTYR for the proof. Like countrymen EXISES, MARTYR deliver complex Metal with lots of disjointed time and tempo changes yet they retain a driving aggressive feel throughout. MAIDEN definitely comes to mind with all the gallopy triplet riffs and prominent bass playing, as do Euro Metal obscurios OSTROGOTH and SORTILEGE. This is a very good, and altogether too brief, record.
DOWNLOAD: Martyr-ForTheUniverse.rar (53.1 MB)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mercenary Records 1987
Wow! I had no idea this was gonna kick so much ass! I saw PRIMAL SCREAM around the time this record was released and they failed to make an impression... so I'm very surprised by the quality, musicianship, and songwriting found on Volume One. At times I hear touches of East coast heavyweights WARGASM, AT WAR, and WHIPLASH in PRIMAL SCREAM's sound, but they are in no way derivative or unoriginal, just equally as talented and intense. Unlike many Thrash bands of the time, PRIMAL SCREAM offer more than just yer typical speed and aggression by incorporating classic Metal elements (sporadic "clean" vocals and catchy riffs) and some straight-up Rock guitar playing here and there. Top notch!
DOWNLOAD: PrimalScream-VolumeOne.rar (57.66 MB)

RAZOR • Malicious Intent LP

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Viper Records 1986
Following hot on the heels of 1985's Evil Invaders, the album that is arguably RAZOR's defining moment, came Malicious Intent. The band doesn't stray far from their previous effort's winning formula: Dave Carlo's guitar playing is still tight as all hell, Sheepdog's voice is a tortured howl, and, if you can imagine it, M-Bro sounds even worse! Jesus that guy was a crap drummer. Though all the elements are present (including Mike Campagnolo's moustache) Malicious Intent pales in comparison to Evil Invaders mainly because of a poor production job. Everything is a bit too clean and toned down, which tends to mute RAZOR's viciousness, and worse, it makes M-Bro's shortcomings behind the kit even more obvious. Still, it's a great record, and you'd be well advised to take Sheepdog's advice and turn it up! Turn it up! Louder! LOOUUDDDDDERRR!!!
DOWNLOAD: Razor-MaliciousIntent.rar (67.13 MB)

MICHAEL MONROE • Nights Are So Long LP

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yahoo! Records 1987
HANOI ROCKS seem to have a polarizing effect on people: you either love 'em or you hate 'em. I think I was in the 6th or 7th grade when I saw Michael Monroe interviewed on a local TV show called The New Music, and ever since I've been firmly entrenched in the love 'em camp. Nights Are So Long was Monroe's first post-HANOI ROCKS solo outting (Night Are SOLO ng... get it?) and it's pretty darn good. Monroe's vocals are stronger (i.e. more in key) than any of his previous recorded output, and the band, though at times sounding a bit stiff, is clearly fulla great musicians (including MOTT THE HOOPLE's Ian Hunter). The bulk of Nights Are So Long is made up of covers by the FLAMIN' GROOVIES, MC5, JOHNNY THUNDERS, and a few written by DEAD BOYS alums Jimmy Zero, Stiv Bators, and Frank Secich, with only one or two crediting Monroe. If you like HANOI ROCKS, you're sure to dig this, otherwise (if my theory holds true) you'll hate it.
DOWNLOAD: MichaelMonroe-NightAreSoLong.rar (63.25 MB)