ATTILA • Rolling Thunder LP

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shattered Records 1986
New York Heavy Metal maniacs ATTILA offer up 9 pounding Metal anthems that (much like this poorly crafted sentence) borrow heavily from Canadian Power Metal stalwarts EXCITER. Didn't think much of "Rolling Thunder" after my first listen, but once "Urban Commandos" crept into my subconscious, I couldn't get enough! Even though "Urban Sombrero" woulda been a better title. Straight up fist pounding Metal with a military/nuclear war lyrical angle. The cover of "School's Out" is totally forgettable... but then again, most ALICE COOPER covers are - MEGADETH and ANTHRAX (and innumerable others I'm sure) have attempted to replicate the COOP with equally disappointing results. This record isn't outstanding by any stretch, but it's decent, and definitely worth checking out... even if it's just for "Urban Sombrero"... er, I mean commando.
DOWNLOAD: Attila-RollingThunder.rar (68.83 MB)


slave to vertigo said...

whoa. Is this the same Attila that contributed Lucifer's Hammer to Speed Metal Hell comp? This is definately worth cheching out. Thanx for this.

Alcolm X said...

Yeah, according to the Encyclopaedia Metallum it is the same band.

Metal Mark said...

I remember liking that Lucifer's Hammer song on Speed Metal Hell, but never heard this album.

Anonymous said...

Ótimo Blog, sempre com o intuito de crescer o movimento... Falou! \m/