DESTRUCTORS • Merry Christmas And Fuck Off LP

Friday, December 26, 2008

Death Records 1983
Well... if this album title don't sum it all up perfectly! Aside from the title, the best thing about this slab is the Pushead cover art. The music? Meh... simplistic UK82 Punk that's not nearly aggressive or angry enough, and a singer who sounds more like the Daily Show's John Oliver than a proper frontman. Only Gizz Butt's solos are worthwhile, and even those barely hint at what a great guitar player he'd become. I was never big on this record, and time has not been kind to the DESTRUCTORS' brand of weak and predictably bland Punk... I do seem to recall that their live record was a bit better than this, but I won't be diggin' it out any time soon. Consider this your lump of coal.
DOWNLOAD: Destructors-MerryXmasAndFuckOff.rar (78.87 MB)


Aesop said...

How the fuck does one get the nickname "Gizz Butt" Yuck?

Alcolm X said...

Yeah it's a pretty unfortunate nickname.

Anonymous said...

its is real name hehe

Anonymous said...

sometimes he shows it..

Alcolm X said...

His first name is Graham. The Butt part he can't do anything about... but Gizz!?

Anonymous said...

this is what gizz wrote me today after i gave him the link of this blog and made a bit fun of him:

Please can you go on that blog for me and explain to the Americans that it’s Gizz as in Green,Gestapo, Granite or Gravy and not gem or gender!!!

Gizz comes from GIZZARD an early 80’s TV character.

So pronounce it right !!! Although I am proud that my name also lends itself to a porn actor pseudonym.


Anonymous said...

please check out

its gizzards newest band!!!

Anonymous said...

give me this record then! i looove these songs especially bullshit !