WARRANT • The Enforcer LP

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Noise Records 1985
I've never really been sure of what the distinction is (or if there even is one) between Speed Metal and Thrash Metal - the terms have always seemed interchangeable. Then I got to thinking about this German Metal masterpiece... it's not quite Thrash cuz it retains a very Heavy Metal feel, but it's much heavier and faster than yer typical 80's Metal record... yes folks, this IS Speed Metal, and what a shining example it is! Imagine Udo and Wolf Hoffman on a crazed amphetamine binge and you'll have an idea of how much ass "The Enforcer" kicks. WARRANT deliver the goods on every track, and what they lacked in originality (there's a track called "Nuns Have No Fun" for christsake!... not to mention "Die Young" and "Send Ya To Hell") they made up for in terminally catchy, monsterously anthemic Metal that never ceases to blow my mind. For years this has been one of my go-to records, and dare I say it... I listen to this way more than KREATOR and SODOM (but not DESTRUCTION - that would just be stupid). Can't recommend this one highly enough, every track is top-notch, and the drummer's name is Lothar Wieners (which has always struck me as being way funnier than it actually is). Do yourself a favour and download this straight away.
DOWNLOAD: Warrant-TheEnforcer.rar (71.74 MB)


Simon said...

Great blog! As for the thrash/speed metal thing, it's not an entirely pedantic distinction to draw. Speed metal was just trad heavy metal with clean production and tight playing, but accelerated tempo-- think Judas Priest and Accept's quicker moments, and the bands they clearly influenced, like Helloween and Agent Steele. Thrash was generally just as fast, but rougher/dirtier and with a pronounced punk/Motorhead influence in place of speed metal's technicality. Obviously rarely quite so clearcut as that in reality, of course, but I think it's a useful generalization...