Today's Finds 12/16/08

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When it rains it pours! Dropped by Hits & Misses and Discovery Records today... and got the BRATS record in the mail!
Y&T "Earthshaker" LP: Classic!
GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS "Dynamite Sex Doze" LP: I dug their first record, so I figured: what the eff? Plus it might be kinda rare.
DICTATORS "Every Day Is Saturday" 2LP: Collection of demos and rarities... gonna rule of course. Top 10 is my favourite... is that weird? Is it weird that I even have a favourite?
CROM "Hot Sumerian Nights" LP: I don't know anything about this band, but the album title made me laugh, and so did the song called "Banned in B.C.". Hopefully it's good shit.
RAW POWER "Wop Hour" 7": Not sure why I bought this. I have the original... but this one has "Fuck Authority" added to it... which I also have in multiplicity. Bah! It's RAW POWER, so it's OK.
BRATS "18th January 1981" LP: Came across this on eBay and had to have it. BRATS with King Diamond on vocals... I'm assuming I have these recordings somewhere, in some form, already, but I couldn't pass it up.


Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

Not sure if you've heard of the Crom from (GER) but it's exactly what this blog is missing. Their first album is horribly great.

Thanks for this blog!

Seriah said...

Hey, just found this, and I'm rather impressed. I was planning on starting something like this, but with demos. Writing a short review and then making them available. And as much obscure stuff as I have, you have turned me on to even more cool old stuff. We do a radio show, and play all kinds of heavy music, new and old, nothing mainstream, and if you don't mind, I'm going to link your page on our site. If you want, I can provide you with some more stuff you might find interesting... E-mail is on the site,

Alcolm X said...

Hey Seriah, glad you're diggin' it. A link on your site would be great, and please pass along any cool stuff you come across.

Twin Uzis: I'm not familiar with the German CROM, but that CROM record I picked up is great! Totally schizoid Thrash/Sludge with a hint of Grind... pretty crazy stuff, and thoroughly entertaining.

Seriah said...

I have no idea how to find your e-mail on here. Drop me an e-mail at and we can talk about stuff you may want to review for your site...

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

Crom from L.A. are great indeed. I have had the opportunity to see them perform live here a few times - always a good show!

As for the other Crom, the one I was referring to is actually from Spain. There is a German Crom I have not heard and I got them confused...

I don't know if posting links from other blogs is frowned upon but you can find a link for it over on Lo De Bobba's blog. It's worth your time. Completely different vein of metal keep in mind - from 1987.

Cheers for the great blog.