RAW POWER • Wop Hour 7"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Westworld 2008
Got suckered into buying this reissue (originally released in '85) simply because they tacked "Fuck Authority" on to the end of it. What's that? You've never heard "Fuck Authority"? Then stop reading and just download, cuz it's THE most ripping, vicious slice of hardcore Punk Rock to ever be loosed upon mankind. That fucking bass guitar in the middle! It was literally years before I even realized that that was even an instrument and not just obnoxious noise... and the cowbell, and the throat wrenching vocals... damn! The 4 songs that originally made up Wop Hour ain't not slouches either. "You are The Victim" and "Destroy" are the best of the bunch, cuz they sound like they coulda been on RAW POWER's 1984 masterpiece Screams From The Gutter LP, while "I Do What I Like" and "Factory" sound more like their underachieving After Your Brain record. Essential Italian Hardcore!
DOWNLOAD: RawPower-WopHour.rar (15.09 MB)
PS: Maybe it's just me, but every time I heard that damned PRODIGY song where he says: "Inhale, inhale, you are the victim", I thought to myself "Those limey bastards are ripping off RAW POWER"... they probably weren't, but they coulda been.


e normous said...

holy christ those are some nuts vocals on "fuck authority"