Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rockcity Records 1984
If this record is an accurate representation of Metal in New York City circa 1984, then I'm glad I grew up in Canada, cuz this is some seriously second rate shit. WARHEAD and CITIES start things off, and both offer decent HALLOWEEN-ish Metal, but then it's all downhill. TAKASHI are dreadfully bad, sounding very similar to KISS at their dullest and most pedestrian (picture "Getaway" played by even worse musicians). Unforunately there's two VIRGIN STEELE tracks to suffer through. The first is an almost 4 minute guitar wank-a-thon followed by their naff theme song. TEAZER are every bit as bad as their name suggests. One of this record's few highlights comes from BLACKLACE, who's brand of metallic barroom Rock is entertaining and just plain fun. The demo version of OVERKILL's "Feel The Fire" is painfully long, terribly dull, and sloppy. I've already completely forgotten DEATHSLAYER, but album closers FRIGID BICH are surprisingly good, in spite of the stupid name and stupider misspelling of it. It would be wrong of me to not comment on the cover shot... yes, that's a dude in a diaper. What in the fuck!?!?! Nothing says New York Metal like a soiled diaper.
DOWNLOAD: NewYorkMetal84.rar (78.14 MB)


jesse said...

thanks for uploading this! Got the vinyl but no way to rip it!

Virgin Steel-that band had the best artwork and the worst music.

Anonymous said...

Everybody should check out the tune of Deathslayer!!!
What an awesome band!!!
Thanks bro,

Anonymous said...

I had this cassette and have always wanted to hear this again, even though I remember it being bad. I'm glad to get to listen to it again, thanks!!!!!