PRETTY MAIDS • Pretty Maids EP

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bullet Records 1983
This record woulda been described as OTT back in the day... over the top. Well 4 of the 6 tracks are OTT and the other 2 are ballady and forgettable. "City Light" starts things off in fine fashion - an upbeat rocker that's kinda reminiscent of the NWOBHM, which, along with THIN LIZZY, was a big influence on these Danes. Speaking of THIN, "Bad Boys" starts off with a distinctly "Angel Of Death"-ish intro before breaking into a fast, in your face barrage of early 80's OTT Metal. "Shelly The Maid" is PRETTY MAIDS' take on "Charlotte The Harlot", and is also the best song on this, their debut EP. Furthering the MAIDEN comparison is vocalist Ronnie Atkins who sounds an awful lot like Di'Anno... not bad at all! Think you're ready to go over the top? Then get ta downloading bitch!
DOWNLOAD: PrettyMaids-PrettyMaidsEP.rar (46.65 MB)