SACRILEGE • Early Demos LP

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bootleg 2009
Lately I've amassed quite the collection of bootlegs, so in my next few posts I'm gonna attempt to weed through a few of 'em. First off is the mighty SACRILEGE. Early Demos contains, as the name implies, SACRILEGE's first 2 demos from November '84 and February '85 respectively. Cool to hear the band progress over a scant 4 months from crusty Punks to crusty Metal loving Punks. If you like SACRILEGE then you know what's in store: oppressively heavy Metal/Punk combining equal parts DISCHARGE and TROUBLE, and fronted by possibly the best female vocalist ever. SACRILEGE get my vote for having one of the heaviest and most distinct guitar sounds off all time - absolutely crushing! Right... so if, like me, you've resorted to buying AFTER THE BOMBS records to fill the void, and to get your SACRILEGE fix, you'll be plenty chuffed to hear this one. The real deal!
DOWNLOAD: Sacrilege-EarlyDemos.rar (46.07 MB)
PS: Forgot to mention how amazing the song "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" on Early Demos is. It's reminiscent of "The Price Of Silence"-era DISCHARGE, and is very different from the version found on Behind The Realms Of Madness.

TORCH • Torch EP

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tandan Records 1982
Good goddamn! This kicks so much ass I'm not gonna be able to sit for a week! TORCH deliver aggressive NWOBHM inspired Metal that reminds me of TYGERS OF PAN TANG a lot, and I detect a bit of PRETTY MAIDS in the mix too. 3 of the 5 tracks clock in at around 3 minutes and are short sharp shocks that don't mince notes or words. TORCH don't fuck around. Their purpose is clear: kick the shit outta the listener with high-octane Metal, and leave 'em wanting more. Metal the way it's meant to be played I tells you.
DOWNLOAD: Torch-TorchEP.rar (32.41 MB)
PS: This guy has some sick live TORCH videos from '85.

Downtown St. Catharines Record Show

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Market Square
King/James Streets
Didn't expect much from the St. Catharines show, but I ended up walking away with some decent stuff. Nothing gobsmaking, but still good considering the locale. Actually, the location of this show is awesome. It's not in a dingy basement, but instead an open air market with tons of natural light and fresh air... nice change. Anyways, enough bullshit... here's the stash:

• HELLION "Postcards From The Asylum" EP
: Hard to believe, but I've never actually heard a HELLION record... seen 'em hundreds of times, but always passed. Musta been in a good mood today.
• APOCRYPHA "The Forgotten Scroll" LP: It's on Shrapnel, but you never know... it might be good.
• LEATHERWOLF "Street Ready" LP: Guaranteed to be good!
• LEATHERWOLF "Leatherwolf" LP: How many fucking records do these guys have called "Leatherwolf"!?! At least 3 by my count.
EASTERN FRONT: Live At Ruthie's Inn Comp LP: Killer record! My old friend Metcalf had this one back-in-the-day. Half live and half demo recordings by luminaries such as: HEATHEN, LEGACY, RAW POWER, BLIND ILLUSION, D.R.I. and lots more.
• HOLY MOSES "Finished With The Dogs" LP: So lame that I'm only buying this now - better late than never.
• VICIOUS RUMORS "Digital Dictator" LP: Damn! Didn't notice that this one was on Shrapnel too... oh well.
D.C. LACROIX "Crack Of Doom LP: Their's was one of the few good tracks on the Metal Meltown comp I posted way back. Looking forward to this one.
LEATHER ANGEL "We Came To Kill" EP: I bought a lot of chick Metal today... this, D.C. LACROIX, HELLION, HOLY MOSES, and I almost grabbed the second BLACK LACE record before I ran out of dosh.
TORCH "Torch" EP: I have a few TORCH records, but couldn't tell ya one thing about 'em... I think they're Scandinavian... OK so I lied.

Not bad eh? And to think I almost passed on this show, assuming that like most things St. Catharinesian it would be dismal and depressing. I never get used to being wrong.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Private/Indie 1989
I have absolutely no recollection of how this demo came into my possession, or if I'd ever even listened to it, and after hearing it today that makes perfect sense... cuz Murder Of The Unborns is so utterly unremarkable that it's rendered completely forgettable. If an unfunny rehash of the DAYGLO ABORTIONS sounds appealing to you, then MACHIAVELLIAN REGRESSION'll be right up your alley. It's weird, cuz this seems like the kinda stuff that should be, or least attempt to be, funny: there's the Cretin-ish vocals, and silly Punk cum Rock tunes, but the humour that made the DAYGLOs so outstanding is conspicuously absent. It's possible that this shit is hilarious, and the jokes are way over my head, but I kinda doubt it. For me, this lacks that certain je ne sais quoi, but if you're up for some second rate Québécois Skate Thrash/Crossover then by all means download!
DOWNLOAD: MachiavellianRegression-MOTU.rar (33.07 MB)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Osmose Productions/Kron-H 1997
In the late 90s Thrash Metal made it's first resurgence, it's first attempt to reanimate it's Death Metal ravaged carcass. Not surprisingly these gasps of renewed life sprang forth from Scandinavia mainly, and were fostered in large part by France's Osmose Productions. There was BEWITCHED (Sweden), INFERNÖ (Norway), GEHENNAH (Sweden), and the oft mentioned, but veiled in obscurity and seeming secrecy, THE ROCKING DILDOS from France (and Finland). I kinda assumed that this band never really existed, but lo and behold I stumbled upon the On Speed LP at Hits & Misses last week. Despite being lumped in with the aforementioned bands, THE ROCKING DILDOS, unlike their labelmates, were less of a Retro-Thrash (as it was called back then) rehash, instead churning out the ever popular D-Beat, mixed with some healthy doses of straight up Rock action, and a hint of Black Metal. Add lyrics that are both an homage to, and an attempt to outdo, the mighty El Duce, and you've got a pretty lethal combo. Nothing to be taken too seriously, just GTs all around.
DOWNLOAD: TheRockingDildos-OnSpeed.rar (64.41 MB)

OZ • III Warning LP

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Combat Records 1984
Imagine, if you will, a bleak and desolate world in which OZ's 1983 sophomore outing Fire In The Brain doesn't exist. This world, so devoid of warmth and joy is little more than a living Hell. It's here, in this godless realm, that OZ's III Warning is considered a good album, because the undeniable greatness of Fire In The Brain has left a void, and isn't looming over it, casting an oppressive shadow that few follow-up records could escape. Life in this alternate reality is grim, so you turn to III Warning for comfort, it's cold, but it's something. The brutish and neanderthaloid pound of opener "Third Warning" gives you hope for greater things, new vistas of Metal opportunity, but your hopes are senselessly dashed by the time you reach the naff "Rock 'N' Roll Widow" at the end of the first side. Sure there's sparse flashes of greatness here and there, but they're few and fleeting, and you're left with the sinking feeling that things ain't gonna get any better. Your mind wanders to an unreal place, a new and better world, where OZ's full potential is not only realized but cherished and revered. With a jolt you wake from your nightmare, dopey and dazed. "Phew! Only a dream", you think to yourself as you reach for the only thing that will erase that horrible place from your memory... Fire In The Brain.
DOWNLOAD: Oz-IIIWarning.rar (64.9 MB)

KILLER DWARFS • Killer Dwarfs LP

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attic Records 1983
So we all know that "Heavy Mental Breakdown" rules... right? Well, whether you do or not, you need to download this cuz take my word for it, it does! Back in the day the video was on regular rotation up here in Canada, and it's left an indelible mark on me... and prolly most other Canuck metalheads around my age. Listening to this record for the first time in years, it hit me like a ton of bricks - KILLER DWARFS were the Canadian RIOT. It's spot on - similar lyrical themes (gambling outlaws who live to Rock!), and musically both are top notch, classy Hard Rock/Metal. Add in some Geddy Lee-ish vocals, a bit o' TWISTED fuckin' SISTER, and the slightest amount of RAVEN and you've got a damn fine combination. Great record, straight up and down - and those zebra guitars are pretty bad-ass too!
DOWNLOAD: KillerDwarfs-KillerDwarfs.rar (69.61 MB)