ADAM BOMB • Fatal Attraction LP

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Geffen Records 1985
I bought this cuz Adam Brenner was a major part of what made TKO's In Your Face such a phenomenal record, and so it stands to reason that the songs on Fatal Attraction that sound most like TKO are my favourites. "I Want My Heavy Metal", "Take Me In", and "Russian Roulette" all fall comfortably into this category, but that's not to say there aren't other good tracks on this slab... the title track is an upbeat rocker and album closer "Prime Evil" is uncharacteristically dark and moody. Oddly, Brenner's guitar playing is less flashy and over-the-top than his work with TKO. I figure most egomaniacal guitar players would be chomping at the bit to wank all over their first solo record, but this sounds much more like a real band than Brenner's solo outing. Pretty cool on the whole, and not over produced at all, which is surprising given that it's on Geffen and released at the height of slick west coast over indulgence.
DOWNLOAD: AdamBomb-FatalAttraction.rar (70.92 MB)

EXCITER • Feel The Knife EP

Monday, July 2, 2012

Music For Nations 1985
Three quick classics from the mighty EXCITER! "Feel The Knife" sounds like a Violence And Force outtake and is nothing more than a simple and direct kick in the ass, the kind that only Beehler and Co. can deliver. Two classic amped up live tracks (recorded in the band's hometown of Ottawa ON) follow in the form of "Violence And Force" and "Pounding Metal". EXCITER were clearly a fine tuned machine as they blast through both tracks with aplomb and precision. Dan Beehler is a force to be reckoned with behind the kit, his playing is always intensely huge, memorable, and integral to the EXCITER sound. Pound this!
DOWNLOAD: Exciter-FeelTheKnife.rar (25.02 MB)