ROGUE MALE • First Visit LP

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Music For Nations 1985
If I'm not mistaken, ROGUE MALE were to have us believe that they were some sort of post-apocalyptic future warriors... or wait, that might have been ATOMKRAFT, but I think ROGUE MALE were on the same tip. Only the band's "look" conveys any sort of futuristic vibe, as the tracks on First Visit have a decidedly (cock) Rock feel. They are much heavier than yer typical commercial Metal band, falling somewhere between MOTORHEAD and TKO, but futuristic they ain't. I was mightily impressed by this record, because my recollection was that it was a turd, when in fact it's a pretty good time. Any record with a track called "Crazy Motorcycle" can't be taken too seriously, and I don't think that was ROGUE MALE's intent... simply download and enjoy.
DOWNLOAD: RogueMale-FirstVisit.rar (71.47 MB)