Today's Finds 12/1/08

Monday, December 1, 2008

Found all kindsa good shit at Hits & Misses today... gonna be a while before I can go back so I figured I should stock up:
TUNES FOR FUCKER Vol. 2 LP: Comp of Japanese Hardcore that's got ZOUO on it (along with TRANQUILIZER, MANBIKI CHOCOLATE, and G-SPOT) so I couldn't pass it up.
MIDNIGHT "Farewell To Hell" 10": Shouldn't have to explain.
ENERGY VAMPIRES "Energy Vampires" 2LP: Never mind ENERGY VAMPIRES... Hits & Misses is a cash vampire... sucking that shit right outta my wallet! This is a beautiful package so I hadta buy it... never heard of 'em though.
GERM ATTAK "A Bleak Future" 7": Crusty Punk from Ottawa... really just bought this cuz they're from Ottawa, and I kinda remember their stuff on myspace being good.
-->HIRAX/F.K.Ü. Split 7": You gotta respect Katon and HIRAX for stickin' it out all this time, and I really dug that F.K.U. "Horror Metal Moshing Machine" 7"... should be good.