THUNDERCRAAFT • Fighting For Survival LP

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boom Records 1984
Despite that brilliant album cover, THUNDERCRAAFT deliver mediocre middle of the road Metal that has more in common with 70's Rock than the ball crushing intensity that's usually associated German Metal. That's not to say that Fighting For Survival isn't a decent listen, it's just that it's not heavy... not even close. Clearly THUNDERCRAAFT were trying to muster all the menace they could, but they fall miserably short of the mark, coming off as a mild-mannered SCORPIONS rather than wildmen they aspired to be. OK, so it's not a particularly heavy record, but it's still fun in an innocent, lunkheaded sorta way. Download and become a wictim of THUNDERCRAAFT's Rock'n'Roll.
DOWNLOAD: Thundercraaft-FightingForSurvival.rar (80.16 MB)


Anonymous said...

Awesome posts Thank you!!!!!

Tell me, please do you have Jade - If You're Man Enough and Crypt (Can) - Stick To Your Guts. I had two rips that weren't good and I really need them.I really like these albums. Thanks in advance !!!!!

Alcolm X said...

Sorry - I don't have either of those records.