THRASHER • Burning At The Speed Of Light LP

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Combat Records 1985
I was pretty confused by this album when I was a kid. It was called THRASHER... so it had to be good right? A friend told me that it was terrible, and to avoid at all costs... so I took his advice. But years later, after becoming a huge fan of THE RODS, I figured: It's gotta be good... it's Carl Cannedy. Wrong! This album is generic, boring, middle-of-the-road hard rock/metal. The songs start out strong, but stagnate quickly, and after 3 or 4 minutes you're already waiting for the next one, hoping it'll be better... but it's not. THRASHER was Cannedy's studio project, and as a result, lacks the fire of a real band. With the exception of Dan Beehler's vocal contribution, I couldn't care less about all the guest musicians, and even Cannedy's playing is a bit subdued and subpar (still solid as a rock, just lacking the excitement he brought to THE RODS). In theory this might have seemed like a good concept, but in reality it's simply a let down. Download it as a curiosity, check it out, leave a comment, maybe you'll dig it more than I do.
DOWNLOAD: Thrasher - Burning At The Speed Of Light.rar (70.85 MB)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha I remember when I was a kid my best friend stole this tape at Zellers and got arrested. I thought the same thing with a name like Thrasher it must be great so I went back later and bought it, but yeah it kind of sucks. I traded the tape for a chocalate bar. I bought the record again years later and it still sort of sucks, but there are a few fine moments

Alcolm X said...

I would trade this album right now for a chocolate bar.

witchfinder said...

This Album is utter shite. I can't believe you took the time to remaster it lol. I wish you would fix the thread so I don't have listen to it long enough to remaster my copy.