SUDDEN DEATH • All Or Nothing LP

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Private/Indie 1987
Straight up, and kinda out of date by 1987, German Metal that borrows equally from from fellow Teutons RUNNING WILD and ACCEPT. Deftly recorded by the go-to producer of the day Harris Johns, at his famed Music Lab Berlin studio... kinda impressive for an (I assume) independent release. Absolutely nothing groundbreaking, but "All Or Nothing" is full of mid-paced, fist-pounding anthems that'll have you searching for your denims 'n' leathers of yesteryear. "Bloody Conclusion" coulda been lifted directly from "Branded And Exiled", while "Backstage Queen" sounds like "Heavy Metal Ears" era PICTURE, and "Dust In The Wind" has a kinda latter-day TANK vibe... like I said, this isn't the most original stuff. This record is more German than lederhosen and bratwurst... and better than both (though I do enjoy rockin' a good pair of lederhosen every now and then).
DOWNLOAD: SuddenDeath-AllOrNothing.rar (72.45 MB)


RagnarR said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this. Also reminds me of Running Wild, mixed with early Accept, a little Motorhead and even Grave Digger's circa: "Heavy Metal Breakdown". Kick-ass.