WITCH CROSS • Fit For Fight LP

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roadrunner Records 1984
I hope you're ready for some real Metal, cuz this album's got it in spades. Denmark. 1984. Recorded at the same studio as "Melissa" and "Don't Break The Oath". 'Nuff said? ...apparently not. WITCH CROSS sound nothing like MERCYFUL FATE, but goddamn if they don't kick just as much ass. These guys are way more Rock, and kinda reminiscent of a heavier SCORPIONS - like I said, this is serious shit! "Face Of A Clown" is too cool for words - the super loud harmonies in the main riff, great drumming, and vocal lines that are catchy-as-fuck... I absolutely love it. I don't feel like gushing about every song, but suffice it to say that the other 7 are just as cool. Adding to the greatness of this record is the production... it's all over the place. Every song has a different mix, and there's all kindsa shit going on in the background that's barely audible, but it definitely makes for an interesting listen. And finally, vocalist Alex Savage makes an incredible record even better with his fantastic voice (which is really loud in the mix), superb melodies, and spirited delivery. Do I even need to suggest that you download this?
DOWNLOAD: WitchCross-FitForFight.rar (75.25 MB)


Aesop said...

This is an absolute favorite of mine. Here's a link to my post on them:


Alcolm X said...

Oh yeah, they do kinda remind me of OZ... and if they sound like OVERDRIVE too, then it's time to pull out "Swords And Axes"! I like that the cover art you posted did away with that lame border.

steve_b said...

Dude, this is good stuff...but I can't help thinking of Cherrie Curry when I hear this guy's voice.

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

Thanks for this. I've seen it posted before but passed it up. Records like this are what make music fun.

kri said...

I can't stop playing this. It surprises me to find out how much Wolf sounds like this in some respects.

Anonymous said...

A real classic not too many know about. An absolutely silly cover artwork which easily could keep you away from that great music. "Nightflight To Tokyo" and "Rockin' The Night Away" could've also been made by Tokyo Blade. Just great examples for the rock of the eighties.
Unfortunately, Witch Cross disappeared too soon. They did have potential. I like the guitar work on that album. Even the singer is acceptable,but he really sounds like a schoolgirl. Doesn't matter - that's great rock music, timeless.