LORD RYÜR • Pact With The Sinner 7"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Private/Indie 1986
For a few years, a good friend of mine lived off the spoils of eBay. He'd scour every record bin he could find within a 200 km radius of Toronto, and it paid off! Not only did he support himself, but he found this ultra-rare 7" by LORD RYÜR. Information on the band is impossibly hard to find, but apparently they were Canadian, and I'd guess from Quebec (based on the intro to "Pact With The Sinner" where the demonic voice says "burn in 'ell" instead of Hell). A current eBay listing for this record states that only 100 copies were pressed, as a demo, in an attempt to procure a record deal that ultimately never materialized. OK, so that's the background on this record... now to the good stuff. LORD RYÜR kinda remind me of MERCYFUL FATE, they don't necessarily sound like MF, but I get the same feeling from both bands... the air of foreboding, scary lyrics that you kinda take seriously, and a real sense of majesty... yeah I said it: majesty! The aura of mystery surrounding LORD RYÜR probably helps too. There's some great guitar playing on these tracks, the riffs and solos are killer, but it's the vocals that really stand out. He's got a very distinct voice, that ranges from gruff (without ever approaching barking) to pure and melodic. When he's actually singing, his voice sounds surprisingly similar to Christian Augustin of SORTILEGE (especially on "Heroes After Heroes"). The choruses for both songs are infectious, and I guarantee they'll get stuck in your head. I can't say enough about how good these tracks are... do yourself a favour and download it! It's really a shame that LORD RYÜR were never signed, and have since been lost to obscurity, cuz they had some true greatness to offer.
DOWNLOAD: Lord Ryür - Pact With The Sinner.rar (16.06 MB)
UPDATE: If you'd previously downloaded this record, you're well aware of how bad it sounded. The rip was good, but the record it's self was rife with scratches resulting in pops, surface noise, and other sundry distractions from the music. I'd been planning a restoration project of this 7" for quite some time, and finally got around to it today. It's not perfect, but it's a fuck of a lot better than the first time I posted it (which is still available above if you feel like comparing 'em). Get the cleaned-up and far superior version of LORD RYÜR's Pact With The Sinner 7" here:
DOWNLOAD: LordRyur-PactWithTheSinner-Redux.rar (16.14 MB)


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Pact with the sinner!!
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