BACKWATER • Revelation LP

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Disaster Records 1984
I made a quick run up to Sonic Boom on Tuesday night to finally check out their vinyl selection, and I made off with 2 records - so it wasn't a total bust. They have too many new Black Metal and Stoner Rock LPs for my taste, but what they did have was this gem by BACKWATER. I'd never heard of BACKWATER, and that's kinda surprising cuz they had the whole MOTORHEAD, VENOM, BULLDOZER, TANK kinda thing going on... and these guys could hold their own against all the aforementioned bands... except MOTORHEAD of course... and TANK. They sound most like BULLDOZER (with less inspired vocals), 'cept the production is better. Don't get me wrong, the production is still raw and gritty, and the playing is fast and loose, but the sound has more balls than say "The Final Separation" (or any subsequent BULLDOZER record) did. I can only think that the stoopid band name and kinda lame NWOBHM style album artwork held them back, cuz otherwise these guys are fucking great, and deserved more attention. I'm not gonna break down every track, but stand outs for me are "The Black Knight And The Holy Sword", the drum'n'bass intro on "The Creed" kills me, and the plodding "Witchchaser" is a cross between PILEDRIVER's "Witch Hunt" and BULLDOZER's "Insurrection Of The Living Damned"... yeah it's that good! Don't hesitate, just download this bad boy.
DOWNLOAD: Backwater - Revelation.rar (62.23 MB)


Erich said...

thanks for this! used to have it but sold it long time ago. happy to finally having the to hearing it again.

Alcolm X said...

No problem! I've downloaded enough from Good Bad Music - I'm glad to give back.