STILLBORN • Yesterdays Blood 7"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Hate Records 2003
I first heard STILLBORN on the Rise Above Records compilation DARK PASSAGES, where their blend of Rock, Metal, and Doom made them stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest. Soon after, I picked up what I thought was their first record, 1991's "The Permanent Solution", and absolutely loved it too. I had no idea that they had been around for so long prior to their DARK PASSAGES appearance: in '85 they released a demo called "Tounge The Thong" and in '89, the "Necrospirituals" full length. In recent years I had all but forgotten about STILLBORN 'til I saw "Necrospirituals" posted on Good Bad Music... it's an awesome album that I highly recommend you download! So, while scouring eBay a few weeks ago, I came across this little gem: the "Yesterdays Blood" 7". It's made up of one song from from "Tounge The Thong", and another from a pre-"Necrospirituals" demo. These tracks are way more Goth than the band's later material, mixing monotonous rhythms with baritone vocals (like SISTERS OF MERCY maybe), and simple, BLACK SABBATHy guitar playing. The difference between the band that recorded these tracks and the "Necrospirituals" album is huge - both their playing and songwriting had improved immensely by the time the LP was released. This is a neat record, and it's it's very cool to hear some of their earliest material, but it's just a bit too monotonous for my taste.
DOWNLOAD: Stillborn - Yesterdays Blood.rar (23.52 MB)


Matthew said...

When am I gonna get a Fartz review on here?
And what's with all the WinRar?!
I can't open these illegally distributed records at work if you ain't packin' a fuckin ZIP'd file!

Erich said...

Wow, pretty damn great. As you said, a bit more on the goth side. Nice find!

Alcolm X said...

Winzip? Outdated technology dude... step into the new millenium. Can't you install Winrar at work?
I don't have any Fartz records, so no dice.

Matthew said...

Oh, they suck anyways.
I don't have no admin rights so Winrar is a no-go.
Too bad too.
That Dead Serios record is callin me.
No it's not.
That was also a joke, like the Fartz.

VimFuego said...

woah. sounds like an audio version of "what if they mated: Saint Vitus and Bauhaus". who knew those two genres were so close. worlds away from The Permanent Solution era though.

Anonymous said...

I have the Fartz album.. I'll put it up later today.

Anonymous said...


unrealbe said...

I'm probaby to late. But for the person at work. Try this:

you can unrar it online ;-) No need to have permission.