"Shadow From Mordor" by SACRILEGE

Saturday, April 5, 2008

From the album "Behind The Realms Of Madness" (C.O.R. Records 1985)
I first heard SACRILEGE on CKLN's Arg Rock radio show. Every Tuesday night at 11 or midnight (I don't remember which), I'd set up my ghetto blaster and struggle with the antenna for 10 or 15 minutes trying to get decent reception. It was worth it, cuz every week, without fail, I'd be blown away by some new band I heard on the show. This is where I was first exposed to UK hardcore/doom/metal crusties SACRILEGE... "Within The Prophecy" had just been released, and has since become one of my all time faves. I wasn't able to track down their first EP ("Behind The Realms Of Madness") 'til a few years ago when I walked into Jimmy Vapid's Reigning Sound record shop in Hamiltion - it was the first record he pulled out to show me... fucking stoked! "Shadow From Mordor" is one of those songs that makes me feel like a teenager, first time I heard it, it sent me into a headbanging frenzy. Nasty guitar sound, the drums are absolutely pounding, and the riffs are sick (especially the one after the solo - love it!). I dig the way that all the riffs are just slight variations of each other. Tam's vocals are more hardcore than they are on "Within The Prophecy"... she hadn't started singing yet. This is one that has to be played loud... so do it! Here's "Shadow From Mordor".


VimFuego said...

this rules. a totally unmistakable gtr sound.

cobain must've been a fan cause this was totally ripped off for negative creep.