Thursday, April 17, 2008

Triple Platinum Records 1983
The cover art for this album is very misleading: swords, loincloths, lightning bolts, erupting volcanoes... you'd expect this to be some kinda chest thumping MANOWAR-ish drivel, full of odes to Valhalla and fallen warriors, but what you really have are pretty boys playing sleazy Sunset Strip style hard rock that is both metallic and bluesy at the same time. I didn't care for this album much when I first ripped it, but after 3 or 4 listens I've grown to think it's pretty cool. Album opener "I'm The Show" reminds me of W.A.S.P. (especially in the vocal department), and the main riff for "Won't Be The Fool" sounds like something from the first TROUBLE record. Actually, when MAX HAVOC (I dunno whether the LTD. is actually part of their name or not) are at their most Metal, they sound surprisingly similar to TROUBLE... check out "Dalilah's Fire" for proof. But most often you hear the WHITESNAKE, AEROSMITH, and LED ZEPPELIN influences more prominently. Gotta say that "Bound For Hell" has one of the worst bass drum sounds I've ever heard... if you're gonna start a song with a drum intro, the shit has got to sound better than that! Along with the name confusion (LTD. or not), I don't even know what this album is supposed to be called. The labels make it look like it's called "#1", but since nothing's written on the cover, it's hard to say for sure. All in all, this is a good hard rock record, and QUIET RIOT's Carlos Cavazo makes a guest appearance, so... I dunno if that makes it more appealing or not, but there it is.
DOWNLOAD: Max Havoc Ltd. - #1.rar (72.35 MB)


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what you say sounds really interesting but... unfortunately the files must be corrupted!!! can you upload it again? thanx a lot.