PIERCE • Pierce LP

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Screamin' Skull Records 1989
I'm starting to think that my timeline is all fucked up, cuz I always seem to think that bands were behind the times. This was released in '89 and it sounds like something that shoulda come out in '84 or '85. For christ sake... in 1989 VOIVOD released "Nothingface", MORBID ANGEL put out "Altars Of Madness", thrash was still at the top of the heap... and then you have PIERCE. In fairness, it's not like PIERCE existed in some kinda vacuum, cuz you can hear heavier influences here and there, but mainly their sound is a mix of TT QUICK-esque metal and West Coast cock rock. Kind of an awkward position for a band to be in: not a total commercial sell-out, but also not heavy enough for underground fans. PIERCE were a solid band writing catchy songs ranging from the painfully commercial "Tell Me You're In Love", to the balls-out metal of "Run Silent Run Deep". There's a song called "Metal Head Dolls", and no it's not about your "...And Justice For All" playset, but apparently these dolls blow too (it's actually one of my favourite songs on the record - but I'm a sucker for tubular bells). The production is a low rent attempt at that big 80's sound - there's enough reverb on the snare drum for 10 WINGER records (thank good those never happened!). If I had heard this record when it was released I woulda hated it, but in hindsight it's an enjoyable listen from a decent commercial Metal band.
DOWNLOAD: Pierce - Pierce.rar (67.84 MB)