Discovery Records • Toronto ON

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1140 Queen St. East
After my first trip to Discovery Records, I was totally prepared for a bad review. As far as I'm concerned, any store that doesn't have a Metal section is a waste of time - I have neither the patience or the inclination to sort through hundreds of shitty LPs in the hope that I might find a gem. First time I walked away with 2 BLACK ANGELS records that are both in good shape... too bad the band is boring (reviews to come). So obviously I had no burning desire to ever return to Discovery Records, but out of boredom (basically the same reason I keep this blog - whoop!!!) I checked their webpage for new arrivals... and holy shit if they didn't have a bunch of good metal! So I headed back to the East end. Guy behind the counter was unresponsive and unfriendly (didn't bother me cuz it's worse when they wanna talk to you about shitty records - or anything else - that you don't care about). I headed straight for the New Arrivals bin... and there they all were: two COBRA records, HEAVY LOAD and PRETTY MAIDS EPs, and a WITCH CROSS LP. There were others I wanted to grab too, but the surly guy was unwilling to haggle with me over the prices, so I had to put 'em back - no big loss, just some third rate generic thrash. Discovery is slightly over-priced, but each of the records I picked up are either in good or near mint shape, however they had a MANTAS record and the vinyl was really fucked up, and they're asking $10... it's worth $3 at the most. Alright, so this place is off the shitlist, but I'll have to wait and see if they continue to bring in good records. PROS: webpage that is updated every couple of weeks, so you don't have to go and waste you time at the store, some rare finds CONS: no Metal section, they don't budge on sticker price, slightly over-priced


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! Just randomly stumbled upon it... and YOU are the fucker who bought the Witch Cross lp at Discovery. I rode my bike out to Discovery to go buy it back when it was listed in the new arrivals online and it was gone! ha ha

Alcolm X said...

Haha... sorry. But at least you can download it now.

lost jonny said...


You woulda found alot more albums here if I didn't clean up as best I could when I lived down in the east end.... used to go there every weekend. Your right about the staff, total dickheads there... there was a pretty cool girl working there 2002 ish.... lots a really good old school metal pic discs that I didn't grab. Finally really taking a deep dig into your page. I friggin love it. Really giving me something to do in this hateful place they call halifax.... taz records here is pretty cool though. Take it easy old buddy... looking forward to the next post. BAckwaters 'Witch Chaser' just kicked in..... NICE