"The Bad Lieutenants" by THE VAPIDS

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From the album: "Charm School Dropouts" (AMP Records 2001)
If you've ever played in a band, you'll understand fully what I'm about to lay down here. You play a lot of shows, with lots of bands... most of which suck (especially when compared to your band - the obvious saviours of rock'n'roll). You become friends with the aforementioned bands, and after they hand you their demo or CD, you pretend like it's actually good, and sometimes that you've actually listened to it (and believe me, they're extending you the same "courtesies"). With very few exceptions, you actually do like your friends' band - I can recall exactly 3 such occurrences, and THE VAPIDS are one of 'em. I think I first saw 'em open for DEE DEE or MARKY RAMONE, or the TOILET BOYS (or some combination of those bands), after which I drunkly approached Jimmy Vapid and told him that my favourite band was THE RAMONES (lie), that my band sounded like THE RAMONES (another lie), and that we wanted to play with THE VAPIDS (truth). THE VAPIDS were just wrapping up recording on their "Charm School Dropouts" album, and Jimmy gave me a copy of the pre-mastered CD. The album is 14 songs, 28 minutes, and totally relentless. But why is "The Bad Lieutenants" so great? Let me list the ways: it's under 2 minutes long, the production is supremely heavy, their spelling is impeccable, gang vocals, and the riff under the spelling bee gets me amped! Seriously amped... that is a great fucking riff! Listen to the track and add to this list by adding a comment.


VimFuego said...

sweet! love this one too.
It turns out that that lad Jimmy can play a mean surf beat too and rock a whole damn gig with it at the drop of a hat. what a gentleman.

Alcolm X said...

I kinda remember him saying something about playing drums in a Death Metal band in highschool too. He's a triple threat.