Friday, April 18, 2008

Ever Rat Records 1987
This comp features 12 songs by 12 Washington bands... and there's good reason why you've never heard of most of 'em. Here we go, in order from worst to best:
12. VADASY JADE - These guys are fucking awful. Woefully bad lyrics and vocals, and the drummer is shit too.
11. KIL D'KOR - Maybe the wimpiest production of all time, and the religious lyrics suck hard. A terrible way to start off the album!
10. DEHUMANIZERS - The track is called "Renegade Smurf"... 'nuff said.
This is where it gets tough, cuz most of these bands are utterly mediocre:
9. POETS CROWN - Seriously... POETS CROWN?
8. ATTAX - Forgettable.
7. PASSION TOY - Another awful band name - who in their right mind would name their band PASSION TOY? It's a clear indicator of how crap they are.
6. RUFF JUSTICE - Decent but unremarkable straight-up Metal. At times the vocals remind me of the guy from HEATHEN.
5. SHOW & TELL - This song is funny to me cuz it's so dumb, I kinda like it though. It's called "Computer Dates" and at first I thought whoah, were these guys way ahead of their time? Writing songs about Lavalife in the mid-80's, but it's actually about androids or something.
4. JINXX - Great guitar playing, strong vocals, and a fairly aggressive track. The keyboards don't even bug me.
3. COVEN - Generic thrash, but definitely the heaviest riffs on the record... too bad about the shitty direct guitar sound.
2. SHOCK TREATMENT - Great song and performances all around. Memorable track that's kinda metalpunk - it was a toss up between them and D.C. LACROIX for best contribution to this record.
1. D.C. LACROIX - Along with COVEN, the only band I'd previously heard of. Best production job (not saying much), and hands down the best song. Very cool - I wanna hear their full-lengths.

I assume that when bands are featured on compilations, they use their best tracks... I'd hate to hear the rejects from the first 8 bands in the list - a truly scary thought. For the most part, this album is an exercise in terrible production. I get that these are prolly demos, but come on! do they have to sound so weak? It makes it next to impossible to enjoy when you can't get over how crappy something sounds. Definitely some rare stuff here, but rare don't make it good.
DOWNLOAD: Metal Meltdown Vol. 2.rar (77.75 MB)


Anonymous said...

The Dehumanizers did have some dumb ass lyrics, but they were a great band. The Kill Lou Guzzo 7" is worth a listen. PLus the drummer/singers name was "Infra Ed" beat that!