Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Noise Records 1985
I had no idea that Noise Records made forays into the realms of hard rock... I assumed it was all Kreator, Hellhammer and the like, but this EP proved me wrong. Since none of us have ever heard of BALLANTINEZ, it's safe to assume that this wasn't one of Noise's best sellers... and I have an idea why: take a look at these dudes. Jesus! This is a homely band... and their brand of moderately heavy Metal is almost as unattractive. To their credit, BALLANTINEZ are distinctly German, retaining the obligatory ACCEPT influence and mixing it with a more straight up rock sound. First track "Hello" is just as dumb as you'd expect an album opener with that name to be, and is followed up by their heaviest offering: "In Chains", which is full of up-tempo double bass, extended guitar runs, and a TANK-ish opening riff. "Storm Will Be Rising" closes the proceedings on high note of SAGA inspired keyboard/guitar interplay, and the chorus is pretty awesome "Hey hey hey! You see the storm will be rising". "Charged" doesn't completely suck, but it's a good indication of why these guys didn't release any more records.
DOWNLOAD: Ballantinez - Charged.rar (40.24 MB)


VimFuego said...

oh cmon! you fotoshop'd that unibrow in.

Alcolm X said...

Nopes! I actually looked closely at the record cuz I thought someone had drawn it on there, but it's real. Look at the two guys on the left... kind of a weird pose.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that's fuckin' hilarious. I actually saved the picture for use in some future evil. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Ok folks, but don't forget it was 1985, and please notice: the guy on the right is the amazing ANDY MALECEK. Any Questions?

Bad Azz - Berlin, Germany