Sunday, April 13, 2008

Headbang Records 1982
I picked up this little curiosity on my last trip to Ric's Collectibles. It features 2 Dutch bands recorded live in Brouwershoeck... which I'm assuming is somewhere in the Netherlands. First up is SAD IRON who deliver 5 tracks of simplistic MOTORHEAD influenced NWOBHM style Metal. They remind me a lot of their Belgian neighbours ACID - basic, no frills pre-thrash, that's punkish in it's simplicity. "Get Out, Get Off" has a kinda WITCHFINDER GENERAL vibe... it's not particularly doomy, but the the vocals have a Zeeb Parkes quality to 'em, and the band's just as sloppy. Side 2 contains 5 tracks by a band called SEDUCER, and to call them Metal is to stretch the definition. They're more of a bluesy hard rock outfit, with southern rock leanings. Since I don't know anything about southern rock, I can't make a direct comparison, but it sounds like the kinda shit you'd hear on classic rock radio... MOLLY HATCHET maybe. Compared to SAD IRON, SEDUCER come across as a more professional and polished band, but their style of generic hard rock isn't really my thing. They also benefit from a fuller sound cuz they have 2 guitar players. Amateurish as they may be, I prefer the SAD IRON tracks here, and am intrigued enough to search out their 2 full lengths.
DOWNLOAD: Holland Heavy Metal Vol 1.rar (80.73 MB)


Wiemer said...

De Brouwershoeck is a really small club in Leeuwarden. A city in the most northern part of Holland. It can hold about 75 people. It has a different name now. www.gloppe.nl The label was run by a local recordstore owner. Check out vol 2 with the mighty Vortex (Open the Gates LP).

Wiemer said...

Oh and talking about Vortex..Check out their "Open the Gate" videoclip on youtube..Classic!!