Toronto Downtown Record Show

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Estonian Banquet Hall
958 Broadview Avenue
Once you start going to record shows regularly, you get used to seeing the same people (weirdos), and the same records (crap) over and over again. Thankfully today's show was a bit different: new vendors, and a decent amount of Metal. It was nice to see Martin Popoff, and a pleasant change to speak with someone who actually knew something about the Metal records they were selling. There was also a new vendor with lots of bootlegs, and I felt obliged to take a few off their hands. In the end I spent a shitload of money, and walked away with a pretty darn good haul:

MOTORHEAD "BBC Sessions 1978/1982/1986" LP: Old school bootleg with photocopied cover.
• THIN LIZZY "Black Rose Demos 1978" LP: Nice boot with a great shot of Phil.
• THIN LIZZY "Take That Sinner Boy Home" LP: Another killer boot of a 1975 show in Dublin.
SORTILEGE "Metamorphose" LP: Couldn't remember if I had the French or English version at home... pretty sure it's English, so I grabbed the French one.
WITCHKILLER "Day Of The Saxons" EP: Good Ottawa boys.
DIAMOND REXX "Land Of The Damned" LP: Seen this record literally hundreds of times over the years... looks entertaining enough.
CORTINA DE FERRO "Temple Of The Darkness" LP: I know absolutely nothing about this band 'cept that they're Brazilian.
GUITAR PETE'S AXE ATTACK "Nitemare" LP: The name cracks me up... Guitar Pete. Sounds serious!
DED ENGINE "Ded Engine" LP: Have a feeling this is gonna be a great one.
CASTLE BLAK "Another Dark Carnival" LP: Instead of A and B sides this record has Slut and Balls sides... makes perfect sense.
CRACK JAW "Nightout" LP: More German Metal... usually a safe bet.
• DAGGER "Not Afraid Of The Night" LP: Poncey Canadians.
• INTRUDER "A Higher Form Of Killing" LP: Jesus I bought a lot of shit today! Don't even remember finding this one.
• ARMORED SAINT "Saints Will Conquer" EP: Live mini album.
HAZZARD "Hazzard" LP: Apparently this features an ex-ACCEPT member.
• HANOI ROCKS "All Those Wasted Years" 2LP: Got this one thrown in for free.
• RESTLESS "We Rock The Nation" LP: Blah blah blah.
Told you it was a good haul - it's gonna take me months to even make a dent in these records.


Beast Vomit said...

Can you please post the Hazzard LP? I've been dying to hear that since it was released! Thanks!

Alcolm X said...

For sure. I'm intrigued by that one too... I'll get around to ripping and posting it soon hopefully.