NIGHTWING • Black Summer LP

Friday, March 27, 2009

Intercord Records 1982
My only prior exposure to NIGHTWING was the printed inner sleeves that came with LPs, and were used to advertise other releases on a particular label (in Canada this was a practice commonly employed by Banzai and Attic Records). So I've seen a whole bunch of NIGHTWING album covers (which are awesome as you can see), but had never heard a note 'til today. Album opener "Overnight Sensation" is a high-octane rocker with some tastefully sporadic keyboards, which is what NIGHTWING do best. Some songs meander into yer typical 70's Rock territory and can become predictable, not unlike Canadian commercial rockers TRIUMPH (especially the guitar playing). The keyboards in "Long Hard Road" kinda remind me of ZOMBI - and that can only be a good thing! Black Summer is a cool mix of 70's Rock and moderate Prog that (for me) is a welcome change of pace... and bassist/vocalist Gordon Bowley looks like an even more maniacal Dave Chandler - a definite selling point!
DOWNLOAD: Nightwing-BlackSummer.rar (76.86 MB)
PS: Listen for the spectacularly jazzy, subtle guitar solo near the end of "Don't Want To Lose You" - awesome!


Bazooka said...

.....I have one of those sleeves you are referring to-it's a Roadrunner metal sampler that has a fixed price of $1.99 on the cover! On the sleeve are album covers with the songs included on the lp, some of them are Mercyful Fate, Spartan Warrior, Mad Max, Jaguar, Battle Axe....I think the Canadian label on it is Attic records.

Anonymous said...

I dig this shit. Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Dave Chandler seems to have all his own teeth - not sure about this guy.