CRACK JAW • Nightout LP

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Steamhammer Records 1985
More awesome Germanic Metal for y'alls! Nightout is fulla anthemic tracks that combine heavy riffs with accessible vocal melodies, making CRACK JAW slightly more commercial than the majority of their mid-80s cohorts. The guitar playing is fantastic, so if the vocal poppiness starts to grate on your nerves, the tasteful and moderately technical playing of Holger Eckstein will be a welcome distraction. Album closer "Seven Days Of Wonder" features some excellent harmonized galloping riffs, and is an epic, classy way to wrap up the record. Solid band, good production... a quality release in every respect, even if it's not the heaviest of all time.
DOWNLOAD: CrackJaw-Nightout.rar (66.9 MB)


Beast Vomit said...

Thanks very much for this!

Since we've all been in a German metal mood recently by the sounds of it, I have a special request. Railway - Railway (1984). Don't know if you have it or not but it would be great to hear it again. If you don't, keep a look out for it at the record shops - it's great!

Anonymous said...

I have Railway downloaded, let us know Awesome Al if ya need it...

I want Nosferatu photos/rehearsals/ ... any VIDEO?????

come on beeyatch!!!

PS. where is Derek Wills these days?

Alcolm X said...

I don't think I have that RAILWAY record, but the cover is so familiar - musta seen it somewhere recently.

I have no idea where Derek is these days. It was probably 15 years ago when I last saw him. I have hours and hours of NOSFERATU rehearsals... but seriously, no one wants to hear that!

Beast Vomit said...

I'd love it if Mlotek could post the Railway. I've been looking for it forever and have almost given up hope!

Anonymous said...


album covers included on both
Railway - Railway

Full-length, Roadrunner RR 9821
November 1984
Vocals : Walter Wicha
Lead & Rhythm Guitar : Robert Haslinger
Lead & Rhythm Guitar : Hermann Janowitz
Bass : Werner Thaller
Drums : Hasi Haslinger

Produced by Gordon Biehl (except track 10 & 11 by Horst Muller)

1. Heavy Metal Fever 03:28
2. Out to Kill 03:29
3. Screaming After Midnight 03:04
4. Take It Away 02:53
5. Nightrider 04:16
6. Dirty Boys 03:21
7. Crazy 03:47
8. Stone In My Bed 04:13
9. Hell Soldiers 04:03
192 kbps 1984.rar

[NOT included--
10. Break It Up (Bonus Track) 04:16
11. Can’t Stand It (Bonus Track) 03:43
Tracks 10 and 11 are bonus tracks can be found on the 2007 reissue of the cd.
They were originally on the 'Rock From Hell' compilation which came out in 1984.]

Railway - Climax

Full-length, Roadrunner Records
April 1987
Released as RR 9667
Vocals : Armin Schüler
Lead & Rhythm Guitar : Robert Haslinger
Lead & Rhythm Guitar : Florian Allgayer
Bass : Werner Thaller
Drums : Hasi Haslinger

Produced by Dirk Steffens

1. Breakout 03:19
2. Take the Chance 02:52
3. First Shot 02:06
4. Rockets 04:04
5. Heavy and Loud 03:18
6. Boys Get Drunk 02:11
7. Ready to Rock 02:50
8. Miss Lilly 02:27
9. I'm On Fire 04:00
10. Don't Try to Mess Around With Me 02:36
11. High Wire 02:37
12. Come On 03:14

192 kbps (GER) - Climax (1987).rar

[NOT included--
13. Just Imagination (Bonus track) 03:50
14. My Friend (Bonus Track) 04:11
15. More Than Enough (Bonus Track) 04:04
16. No More (Bonus Track) 03:57
Tracks 13-16 are bonus tracks which can be found on the 1997 reissue of the cd.
They were originally on the bands 1981 7" single.]

Beast Vomit said...

Thanks a million! Have you ever seen or heard Railway's last 3 impossible to find releases? I wonder if any have reached our shores.

Anonymous said...

Beast Vomit-
nope, never even knew of this 987 album til this year,,, until I just looked at an old metal Forces yesterday,they gave Climax like 40/100.

Read for yourself --

AL,baby, will you copy your tapes for me, instead of ripping/uploading?

Think I will upload the Live Prophecy from same Sharon gig, it has comments from the crowd, you peddling Nosferatu demos at our table, asking cops why the gig is shut down

Anonymous said...

Railway - Railway (1984)
320Kbps with bonus tracks:

Beast Vomit said...

Mlotek - On that scan of your Metal Forces there's a review for Stiletto - Blame it on Youth, which got a 9/100. Check out what these guys look like. The album cover is even better.

I hope I see their release on this page someday.

Beast Vomit said...

Is there a password for the Railway with bonus?

Anonymous said...

Beast Vomit - I just googled and found these sites, maybe one of them is it?

Anonymous said...

Pass for Railway with bonus:

Anonymous said...

weird, I do not see this album on metalarea,just Railway II

Beast Vomit said...

Amazing! Thanks so much!

myriam said...

i used to hang around with this band back in the mid 80's, if anyone knows how to get in touch post here
jurgen if you read this get in touch see ya