Jerry's Records • Pittsburgh PA

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2136 Murray Ave, 2nd Floor
(412) 421-4533
I had a couple of days off, so I decided to make the 4 hour trek down to Pittsburgh and check out the fabled Jerry's Records. I'm such a record nerd that my heart was racing as I passed the unassuming entrance and climbed the stairs... the place is gigantic! Easily the biggest vinyl-only shop I've ever seen, but I found the Metal section quickly and began the hunt. Fingers flipping at top speed, every nerve atwitter, but wait... is this it? Crappy GIUFFRIA, VIC VERGAT, and HONEYMOON SUITE records... is this the best Jerry's had to offer!?! I frantically searched the other sections trying to find something to make the drive worthwhile. There certainly wasn't anything mindblowing, and I only found one record in the Metal section worth buying, but in the end I came away with 6 record at around $25, so it wasn't too bad:
MISS DAISY "Pizza Connection" LP: Stupid name, album title, and cover, but produced by Fast Eddie Clarke, so hopefully there's something redeeming about it.
JINGO DE LUNCH "Cursed Earth" LP: I kinda liked these guys on some of the old Hellhound comps, and it looks like there's THIN LIZZY and BAD BRAINS covers on it.
NIGHTWING "Black Summer" LP: Awesome artwork!
SEDUCER "Seducer" LP: Sealed copy of the crappy band featured on the Holland Heavy Metal sampler.
SOUND BARRIER "Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)" 12": The only thing I found in the Metal section. Great band covering an even better band... should be good.
I also grabbed MARVIN GAYE Live... but we won't get into that here. So... Jerry's is impressive in size, but the stock is just a huge selection of the same old shit - there's no chance in Hell that I'd make that trip again just for Jerry's.

I made a 2 more stops on the hunt for records while I was in the 'burgh. First was Wicked Discs (406 S Craig St. / (412) 682-5007 / which is a Punk/Metal specialty shop. It's cool, but small, and quite honestly pales in comparison to Hits & Misses. I did find better Metal there though, and came away with a GRAVE DIGGER LP, and a KAZJUROL 7". Finally I dropped by Dave's Music Mine (1210 East Carson Street / (412) 488-8800) but their vinyl is relegated to the basement, and there's really not much there... 'cept for some band called BANSHEE on Metal Blade.


Seriah Azkath said...

Banshee's first EP is pretty cool, although cheesy, power metal. Everything else is crappy hard rock.

If you ever make it out my way to Rochester, Record Archive has created a pretty nice collection of used and mint condition rare vinyl...

Alcolm X said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip. The House Of Guitars used to have a ton of vinyl in the basement... is it all gone now?

Anonymous said...

you really should have stopped at Eides Entertainment while you were in pittsburgh. way way bigger than jerry's and they have tons of good metal vinyl there.

Alcolm X said...

Fucking hell! Eide's was on my list... but I passed cuz it seemed like more of a comic book store or something. That's a serious bummer!

The Lost Turntable said...

Eide's is a horrible horrible store. The guys who work there are miserable and their records are overpriced. You found six records for 25 bucks at Jerry's good luck getting one record for that price at Eides.

I think you painted an unfair picture of Jerry's. Jerry's isn't the best place for metal, and that's what it appears you were looking for. If anyone out there is looking for 80s alternative, 70s classic rock, country, bluegrass, soundtracks, soul, 12'' singles...etc., then Jerry's is your place.

Anonymous said...


Hey - "Hollywood" has been my late summer jam and it's already Fall. Could you post Sound Barrier's version, the "other band's" version is getting worn out over here.

" Not like in New York,
It's High Rise and Konkrete, and Komplexssss ! ! ! "