Friday, December 11, 2009

Napalm Records 1986
GUITAR PETE'S AXE ATTACK has gotta be one'a the worst band names of all time. It's just so fucking stupid... AXE ATTACK is par-for-the-course for mid 80s Metal: dumb but not overly moronic, but any of the potential menace conjured up by AXE ATTACK is lost when Guitar Pete decided he should become the band's namesake. What's more, the guy ain't no guitar wizard... just yer typical axe slinger - I guarantee that on any given Friday night in 1986, you coulda thrown a rock in L'Amours and hit an equally competent guitarist. OK enough about the name. Much like Pete's guitar playing, the music on Nitemare is standard at best. Not super heavy, commercial but not overly so, just middle of the road American Metal. Nothing really jumped out at me as being spectacular or gawdawful... meh.
DOWNLOAD (only if you've got the bandwidth to spare): GuitarPetesAxeAttack-Nitemare.rar (70.37 MB)