HAZZARD • Hazzard LP

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mausoleum Records 1984
This record's got a huge label on the cover stating that HAZZARD features ex-ACCEPT guitarist Herman Frank. Not much of a selling point really, yeah he played on some classic records (Restless And Wild and Balls To The Wall), but I doubt that that information had people rushing out to their local record shop and queueing up for the latest HAZZARD record. Cuz of that sticker I expected this to sound like a decent facsimile of Frank's previous band, and the riffs are pure ACCEPT, but the singer ruins the whole thing with his bland, lackluster delivery. Making things worse are the big radio-friendly choruses and crappy vocal melodies - just wait 'til you hear the chorus on "Killer" ("why oh why" is it so terrible?). It's too bad that the singing is such shit, because the riffs are excellent, and the songs coulda been great with the right vocalist. Unfortunately this combination results in a boring record that certainly won't be getting any more spins from me.
DOWNLOAD: Hazzard-Hazzard.rar (65.83 MB)


Anonymous said...

boring record???? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? it's obvious that you haven't listened closely...okay, it's not a classic or a cult lp. but nothingtheless it's a very good german metal record.

Alcolm X said...

It coulda been a good record if the singer wasn't so yawn inspiring.