WAR DANCE • None But The Brave Demo

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Private/Indie 1988
I wasn't big on this demo when it came out, preferring the more metallic direction of the band's second demo, but after hearing this with fresh ears and a new perspective, I gotta say that it's much better than I remembered. More melodic and less metal, with a post-punk kinda feel, None But The Brave is fulla great songs and awesome performances. Andy Frantic's bass is loud and propulsive, and Gizz Butt is stellar as always. There a couple of moments that remind me of FAITH NO MORE and the BAD BRAINS (I Against I era), so as you can imagine the music runs quite the gamut, from Thrash Metal, to poppy Punk, to indie Rock and all points in between. Great stuff from a shamefully overlooked band.
DOWNLOAD: WarDance-NoneButTheBraveDemo.rar (30.41 MB)


Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting! One of my favorites from back in the day.

John Liedown said...

Excellent to hear this again. Great blog by the way ( if a little OTT on the metal for me own tastes!)
But I have to say, The Fangs record is rather good indeed! Bit, New Bomb Turks, RFTC, Didjits, or if the Pixies had been bigger Motorhead fans. Just a really good record. Thank you for that & all the other good stuff you've posted.

Alcolm X said...

Hey John. I'm glad you like the blog, and really happy you're enjoying THE FANGS' record. If you want a copy, just let me know.

Ed said...

Thanks for sharing!! Just FYI there is one more War Dance record - 1995's Put Up or Shut Up 5-track CD-only EP.