SORTILEGE • Métamorphose/Metamorphosis LP

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Devil's Records/Banzai Records 1984
I expected these 2 records to be identical 'cept for the different vocal tracks, but the English and French versions of Metamorphosis sound completely different. The French version (Métamorphose) is brighter and frankly much better sounding than the dark, muddy, drum-heavy English pressing. The fantastic guitar playing is front and center on Métamorphose, while you'll be struggling to hear the same guitar runs and leads on the English copy. Pretty weird. Different mastering? Different mix? The vinyl pressing itself? Who knows, but they are very different to be sure. The songs themselves are essentially the same, and every one's a killer - which is exactly what I've come to expect from a SORTILEGE record. I wish that all bands were as monumentally great as these
guys cuz it would make buying old Metal records a lot easier... they would all rule! SORTILEGE impart a sense of majesty (hence the song?) and weighty seriousness into everything they do, and thus I take them more seriously than most bands of the era. If you only had to download one of these, I'd definitely recommend the French version. Not only does it sound superior, but since Métamorphose is sung in the band's native tongue, it sounds more natural too. But download 'em both and compare for yourself.
DOWNLOAD (en Français): Sortilege-Metamorphose.rar (66.18 MB)
DOWNLOAD (en Anglais): Sortilege-Metamorphosis.rar (65.61 MB)


Erich said...

This is fucking great! I didn't even know of the english version. Thanks so much!!!

Clint B said...

I found out about Sortilege when my little brother bought the Metal Warriors Ccmop LP. The Sortilege song on there is great, now I'm tryng to hear all of their stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. However, the link for the French version is dead. Any way you can re-upload? Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...


Can you upload French version of Metamorphose please?

I vote for English version.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, this album is marvelous. Can you upload the French version 'cause link is dead?


Anonymous said...

Could you reup French version of Metamorphose, please? Thanks in advance