WHITE WOLF • Standing Alone LP

Monday, March 23, 2009

RCA Records 1984
The weird winged wolf/rat/lizard creature on the cover of Standing Alone is kinda misleading... I expected this record to be much heavier, and way more low budget. Instead WHITE WOLF serve up slickly produced melodic Hard Rock/Metal that will surely appeal to AOR fans. The opening track is painfully similar to fellow Canucks LOVERBOY, but thankfully the rest of the record is slightly heavier - like PRETTY MAIDS at their most commercial or FOREIGNER at their absolute heaviest... yeah I know, sounds great right!?! I can't say that this is a bad record, cuz to my ears it's just as good/bad as any other commercial Metal band in the same vein, it's just that it's not my cup o' tea.
DOWNLOAD: WhiteWolf-StandingAlone.rar (70 MB)


Anonymous said...

Proof that you can't judge a book by it's cover. I remember seeing an ad for this and thinking that it must be great because the cover ruled. Thankfully I heard a song before I wasted money on it!

The cover probably scared away the posers that actually would've liked the music! LOL

Kim André said...

I think this is a great record! I used to listen to it back when it first came out. Then forgot for some 20 years. But recently revisited it when I tried to find mp3's of old vinyl and cassettes.

And I still think it's good. It has a melancholic streak that sets it apart from a lot of the other heavy rock from the eighties.

The cover, however...


Anonymous said...

Well, i guess everyone hates this cover.
But if you dare to listen to this record you might be surprised by it's quality. Good melodic Rock, catchy melodies, nice guitar soli.
that's what it's all about on this one.
Therefor these 7$ you pay for it are a good input, if you're into that afore mentioned genre.