KREATOR • Flag Of Hate EP

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Noise Records 1986
This might be the heaviest thing KREATOR's ever done. The production is wide open and huge, and very simple; it sounds direct and unaffected, and heavy as fuck! Ventor's drums are gigantic (even if poorly played) and Mille's guitar is viciously biting. The rerecording of "Flag Of Hate" is cool, but it's "Take Their Lives" and "Awakening Of The Gods" that totally crush. KREATOR seemed to realized that slowing down a bit (compared to the manic speeds of Pleasure To Kill) meant that they could become infinitely heavier. The B-side contains 3 tracks taken directly from the band's Endless Pain debut which was only released a year earlier. I've always thought that Endless Pain sucked, but to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed these tracks... not so shitty after all I guess. Pay attention to "Total Death", the EXODUS "Strike Of The Beast" rip-off is so blatant it hurts. Side A: heavy as all Hell! Side B: not as bad as you might expect.
DOWNLOAD: Kreator-FlagOfHateEP.rar (52.34 MB)


Dave G said...

"Total Death", the EXODUS "Strike Of The Beast" rip-off is so blatant it hurts."

I was shocked at how blatantly they ripped off Exodus when I recently picked up a copy of "Endless Pain" for $1 at the local salvation army.I put the record on the turntable and was total blown away by the similarities.

Heavy Thrashhread said...

this ep is a gem but endless pain was actualy a favorite of mine and still is