Top 10 Downloads of 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

These are the albums, posted during 2009, that were most downloaded. Excellent selection of titles, but of course, as with last year, I recognize that the more recent posts haven't had as much time to be downloaded... tough shit for them!
1. TKO • In Your Face: Ah yes... this was the discovery of the year for me! Easily my favourite record/post of the year. Yours too evidently.
2. BRATS • 18th January 1981: Essentially a MERCYFUL FATE record... not surprising it had the shit downloaded outta it.
3. FAITHFUL BREATH • Gold 'N' Glory: Killer head gear.
4. CRACK JAW • Nightout: German Metal - almost always a safe bet.
5. BLACK SABBATH • Born Again Unmixed: Crushing alternate version of the mighty Born Again.
6. MOTORHEAD • BBC Sessions: Duh!
7. NIGHTWING • Black Summer: Love that album cover, and the songs are cool too.
8. VILLAINS • Drenched In The Poisons: Good record, even if it's not "hispter or darkthrone clone bullshit".
9. SORTILEGE • Metamorphose: One of my Euro-Metal faves. Glad to see the French version was grabbed over the English.
10. MX MACHINE • Manic Panic: Not sure if people downloaded this cuz they liked it or cuz they hated it... whatever, I thought it was good.


Anonymous said...

Man, I remember when that TKO record came out. I was a wee hesher lad and was well on my way to disassociating myself from anything not Slayer or Metallica like. But I heard the first song as the "fresh metal" selection on Metal Shop (radio show, remember?) and couldn't resist. Glad to see this posted and equally happy that people dig on it. Great blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wasn't Blessed Death in this particular year's selection? It may have not been a favorite, but I remember hearing it and thinking: "Here's a guy who was a real big Tom Araya fan-boy, but apparently liked the sentence-punctuating screams the best, and decided to one-up them.. by a lot". Oh well, it's nowhere near as annoying as Dani Filth's screeches, or Chris Barnes' Six Feet Under-era pig squeals. Either of those could kill a hamster from two blocks within earshot. Then again, most things can kill hamsters easily, so it's not all that impressive.

Michael said...

Damn, that was a great album... I wore my poor cassette out....
Nice to see it listed. :D