BLACK SABBATH • Born Again Unmixed CD

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bootleg 1983
Apparently Ian Gillan's response to Born Again went something like this: "I looked at the cover and puked! Then I heard the mix and puked!" Funny... but way off base. Not only is the cover one of the greatest things I've ever seen, but it's perfect for the music contained within the grooves of this monumental record. As far as the mix is concerened, it's sloppy and muddy, but it's integral to the overall menace of Born Again... and this is a menacing record if ever there was one. Oh shit... this ain't Born Again though... it's Born Again Unmixed. I downloaded this from a newsgroup a few years ago, and there was a story about how these were rough mixes that ended up in the possession of Bill Ward's girlfriend at the time. The entire record is here plus an unreleased track called "The Fallen" (rumour has it that there's up to 5 other unrleased tracks that were recorded during the Born Again sessions). Some songs have different guitar bits here and there, different lyrics, and missing vocal parts. "Trashed" has a neat extended bit after the solo, but the coolest thing about Born Again Unmixed is the 9+ minute version of "Zero The Hero"!!! The end of the track is just the main riff over and over again for about 3 minutes... that damned riff could go on for 20 minutes and I'd be happier than a pig in shit. Anyways, Born Again rules, and this is a very cool alternate version of that obnoxiously heavy, and downright scary, record.
DOWNLOAD: BlackSabbath-BornAgainUnmixed.rar (80.37 MB)
PS: Here's a cool link to loads of info about Born Again, including the original picture of the baby used on the cover. Awesome!


Pär said...

I love this record and in this version even better, killer upload. I still remember buying the tape when it came out in 83. Then in early 84 seeing the video for Trashed on the first swedish heavy metal show on TV just blew me away.

Alcolm X said...

Born Again was my first SABBATH record... and my first real Metal record too, come to think of it. I asked for it for Christmas and got it... hahaha kinda funny actually: Born Again for Christmas! I often thought that Born Again might be better if it were remixed, and this is probably as close as I'll ever get to hearing that. I prefer this version over the real record too.

bazooka said...

....I remember this album from grade 7. I was attending a catholic school at the time, and drew a picture of the album cover which was hanging up in my classroom. One of the teachers took offense to it, and I was told to take it down-great album just the same!

Anonymous said...