Top 3 of 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last year I could only come up with a list of 3 records that were released in 2008 that I actually purchased and/or enjoyed, so this year I'm going to honour that tradition with another measly list of 3. To be honest, I've got a brain like a sieve, and any record that came out 8 months ago that I might've liked has already been long forgotten. So 3 it is!

ZOMBI • Spirit Animal
Relapse Records
Without a doubt the best thing Relapse has ever released. Layers upon layers of keyboard driven 70s horror soundscapes and Kraut Rock meanderings create an ambient, moody, scary record that I can't get enough of. Think: GOBLIN, TANGERINE DREAM, RUSH, and John Carpenter movie soundtracks. I'm confident that the MAJEURE record is going to be spectacular too, but I haven't even had a chance to crack the plastic on that one.

THE DEVIL'S BLOOD • The Time Of No Time Evermore
Van Records
After all the teasers released by TDB... finally a full length to sink yer teeth into. Much like ZOMBI, THE DEVIL'S BLOOD are all about atmosphere and a haunting aura, 'cept instead of keyboards, they layer harmonized and reverb drenched guitars and vocals over 60s-style Rock meets MOTORHEAD. This didn't blow me away like Come Reap did, but I'll take what I can get!

AT WAR • Infidel
Heavy Artillery Records
This one was a toss up between WHIPLASH and AT WAR, but Infidel has edge over Unborn Again. While both are great returns to form, AT WAR were able to retain more of their initial energy, and sound - this coulda come out a year after Retaliatory Strike and it woulda sounded exactly the same. Yeah there's lots to question re: AT WAR's politics and gun toting, pro-war stance, but somehow it just makes them more likeable. Not because I agree... but God love 'em for being so damned American!


Simon said...

Re: AT WAR-- call me a PC pansy, but while the goofy militarist gimmick doesn't bug me, the misogyny really does, and songs like Rape Chase ensure this is one band I'll never bother buying anything by. Seeing them keep it up on the new record sucks. Definitely my single least favourite aspect of way too much metal, and I'm not referring to simple dumb, casual sexism (lame but par for the course, I guess) but real woman-hating nonsense.

Alcolm X said...

Yeah you're right, "Rape Chase" is awful, and way beyond just being in bad taste. I'd forgotten that they re-recorded that one (brain like a sieve).

Metal Mark said...

I liked Infidel as well. Normally reunion albums tend to blow, but they re-captured the feel of their two 80's releases. I wasn't as big on Whiplash's Unborn Again. It was good, but they have certainly lost a step or two over years. I liked the comebacks by Artillery and Post Mortem too.

Simon said...

I think my favourite comeback record would have to be the Heaven & Hell LP. Great vox, heavy riffs, memorable songs-- yeah, a worthy Sabbath LP in 2009!

curt said...

Ah come on now. The new AT WAR is not that bad. Yeah, some of their stuff is average over the years.

Oh well, for those that LIKE AT WAR I have posted a 20 year old lost interview available for the first time here:

Enjoy the rare pics and words!

Curt King
Demolish HQ

Anonymous said...

Something about the way their vocalist enunciates words, or places emphasis on the syllables in the lyrics, kinda makes him sound like bad action movie villain, or possible GWAR sideshow member. Other than that, I always liked their music, even if I didn't think they were the coolest thing on New Renaissance (that distinction goes to Blood Feast, even though other bands on that label may have played better and didn't have a muppet for a vocalist). Infidel wasn't the worst comeback ever, and considering how long it took for that comeback, I guess those of us old enough(or astute enough) to know this band can't complain. Other obscure Thrash bands like Assassin, Vendetta, and Hexenhaus either released comeback albums that were completely sub-par in quality, or just plain irrelevant to whatever they were doing a long time ago in galaxy far, far away when they originally disbanded.