JINGO DE LUNCH • Cursed Earth EP

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bonzen Records 1988
Wow, this record is blowing my mind! JINGO DE LUNCH really got it right... heavy, hard-assed Rock informed by Punk or maybe Hardcore. As an example of just where their heads're at, there's THIN LIZZY ("Cowboy Song") and BAD BRAINS ("Pay To Cum") covers, and there's not a tongue in cheek anywhere to be found. The sound is huge, almost SACRILEGE-ous; the drums are massive, but the female vox are much more melodic than Tam's. A couple of the more metallic riffs remind me of SACRILEGE too, which is weird, because on the surface the two bands have little in common. "Pay To Cum" is on the record at the wrong speed, so I've included a proper, 45 rpm version as well as the original... because I care. Get this!
DOWNLOAD: JingoDeLunch-CursedEarth.rar (40.66 MB)


Lambeau said...

It took a few spins, but...Awesome!

cacobafo said...

I have looked for this album for 20 years.
thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

From the second i threw on the first track i was totally pumped... until the vocals finally kicked in and ruined everything.

Honquijote said...

I haven't heard this record for ages so thanks a lot !