MX MACHINE • Manic Panic LP

Monday, August 31, 2009

Restless Records 1988
An old friend of mine used to rave about this band, and how great this record was, so I figured "What the eff... I'll give it a shot". I expected typical late 80s Bay Area style Thrash, but am happy to report that that ain't what MX MACHINE were all about. Manic Panic is essentially a Crossover record, but instead of blending Hardcore and Thrash, MX MACHINE combine straight-up Metal, with a touch of MOTORHEAD's Rock/Punk/Metal, and Hardcore-ish vocals and lyrics. Unlike most bands of the era, MX MACHINE weren't about speed for speed's sake, as most of the songs pound out at a moderate pace that never even approaches Thrash or Hardcore tempos. Even without a reliance on speed, this is still a high energy, aggressive collection of good ole kick-ass. Judging by the sticker on the cover "No Glam Fags" was supposed to be their theme song or some shit, and though it's plainly un-PC, it's more imbecilic than it is offensive; the intro is completely unfunny, and the song itself isn't nearly as good as the rest of the record. On the whole though, Manic Panic is damn good... and surprisingly so!
DOWNLOAD: MXMachine-ManicPanic.rar (57.29 MB)


mike said...

Stupid band,stupid LP cover,stupid lyrics,when this came out in 1988or 89 I felt that this was a band trying to cash in on the thrash metal surge.I cant wait to blast this to my Neo-Thrash loving friends!!!!!

Alcolm X said...

I agree with you completely, but somehow I still managed to dig this... maybe cuz I was expecting a TESTAMENT knock-off, and it's a bit less Metal than that. But you're right... not original by any stretch of the imagination.

RagnarR said...

I got this a few years not expecting much and well I got just that. It went right into the sell pile with the 2nd Nitro CD. All I knew prior to this was the Armored Saint connection - I think Joey
Vera produced this hunk o' crap.

@ Mike: you can tell your Neo-Thrash friends "this is what all your fave bands will sound like on their next albums" : )

It was bands like MX Machine, E-X-E & Meliah Rage that made sloppy uninspired junk that clogged up the scene and making move over to bands like Swans, Big Black & Napalm Death.

RagnarR said...

edit: that shoulda said:

making ME move over to bands like Swans, Big Black & Napalm Death.

VimFuego said...

makes me wanna hear some Excel. "Stay Clean". Lemmy didn't mean it literally doods. it's like an ode to Zest!

Nick said...

Oh Christ, it's supposed to be a fun record. Its got some good tunes. Stop over analyzing everything..

marshottentot said...

Thrash Fags are cooler than Glam Fags.

No Glam Fags.

gufymike said...

Great band, great people. I hung out with them, before a show, when they played an awesome line up at the troubador in hollywood. Great Night, Great Memories, Great Music.