AXTION • Look Out For The Night LP

Thursday, December 3, 2009

IRD Records 1985
Within the realms of Metal, this is as diametrically opposed to BLESSED DEATH as you could possibly get, so if yer lookin' to have yer nuts crushed, this ain't the one to download... but if you're up for some middle of the road Hard Rock/commercial Metal you're in luck. Look Out For The Night starts off kinda limp wristed, but gradually develops into a pretty decent platter. Yeah it's tame and generally lightweight, but the boys get the lead out on a few tracks ("Fury Of The Tempest", "Your Number's Up", and the title track), and there's enough hard rockin' attitude and cool guitar bits to make it worthy of repeateded listens. Slightly reminiscent of SINFUL, it's sorta second rate, and a bit demo-ish in the production department, but that's never stopped me before... it ain't gonna stop me now.
DOWNLOAD: Axtion-LookOutForTheNight.rar (77.51 MB)


Metal Mark said...

I got this whey Retrospect re-issued a couple of years ago. I liked it, but the styles is uneven. There are some real metal songs and then some hard rock songs that sound they could have been done five or six years before this was recorded.

Alcolm X said...

Yeah I totally agree. The heavier songs are good, but the Hard Rock stuff is kinda boring.