WILD HORSES • Wild Horses LP

Sunday, June 29, 2008

EMI Records 1980
You have no idea how much I wanna love this record... it's Brian Robertson for Christ sake! He's played in the two greatest rock bands of all time: THIN LIZZY and MOTORHEAD... and probably played on 10 of my "10 All-Time Favourite Songs" (that list doesn't exist, but if it did I'd make damn sure that Robertson played on all of 'em). The guy rules... but unfortunately this album kinda sucks. Robbo's playing is of course beyond reproach, but that can't save these songs from their utter mediocrity. The ties between WILD HORSES and THIN LIZZY were strong, and WILD HORSES tried their damnedest to duplicate LIZZY's winning formula, but they always seem to fall just short. Alright... as I write this, the bottle of wine is starting to kick in, and this record is starting to sound really good. Drunkenly this album sounds great, but that prolly explains a lot, as Robertson himself was a notorious drunk... he probably thought it sounded great at the time too. "Reservation" is a decent rocker, but "Face Down" and "Dealer" are better, and "Blackmail" fucking rules (the LIZZY version from the "Man & His Music" bootleg series is far superior... but lending Phil's voice to any song would have that effect). Just for the fuck of it I'm gonna add the THIN LIZZY version to the .rar so you can compare 'em yourself. Side 2 is generally weak, at times reminding me of the J. GEILS BAND, or THE EAGLES, or something similarly awful (see: "Nights On The Town"). Just when I say something sucks, Robbo tears into one of his phenomenally, rippingly distinct solos, making me second guess myself... but no, a great guitar player does not a great album make... sorry Robbo. If nothing else, WILD HORSES looked cool as fuck!
DOWNLOAD: WildHorses-WildHorses.rar (71.71 MB)


Anonymous said...

Yes, no doubt one of the greatest rock records of all time.

Do you have Thin Lizzy's Black Rose or Thunder and Lightning demos? If not check them out...amazing.

Wax Perverted - Thin Lizzy Demos

Great blog, man. I added a link on mine. If you dig it, maybe you could throw a link up? Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nah - I witnessed this lot playing the Lyceum in the summer of 1980 and they all came on stage wearing different coloured spandex pants - the last word there pretty much sums up their music on record as well as live.