SINFUL • Gonna Raise Hell EP

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shades Records 1985
Would ya look at that album cover. Holy shit! It doesn't get any better than this - easily one of the most ridiculous cover shots ever... the chick is wearing a 99¢ Halloween costume fer chrissakes! Pure genius. SINFUL's music is equally as fun as the album cover: commercial yet meaty Metal with high pitched vocals and maybe just a bit too much keyboard. The A side of this record is full-on Metal, while the B side disappoints with 2 overly commercial and keyboard heavy rockers. I think that album opener "Burn Your Eyes" is about what will happen if you stare at a picture of lead singer Dana Albert for too long. Great song though... and cowbell right off the bat - how can you go wrong? The keyboards are cheesy as hell, but then again, this isn't the kinda record that should be taken too seriously. The main riff in "Midnite Sun" is excellent and kinda reminiscent of Randy Rhoads. Side 2 starts with the anthemic "You Gotta Rock" and at times the vocals sound uncannily similar to the guy in AXEWITCH. "Teenage Overdose" finishes things off on a bad note - it's grossly commercial and second rate (at best)... too bad really, cuz the rest of the record is quite good. Here's a couple of useless factoids: SINFUL guitar player Jimmy Ambrose played on THOR's 1984 "Unchained" EP, and Kelv Hellrazer (Metal Forces journalist) touted these guys as being the next big thing... always knew he had bad judgement.
DOWNLOAD: Sinful-GonnaRaiseHell.rar (31.8 MB)